Aug 192009

This drink is a mix of two favorites, lager, which is preferably corona, and rum, which is preferably Bacardi Limon. It is made by drinking down the content of the corona lager down the neck until the area where the inward curve of the bottle begins. The resulting void is then filled up with the Bacardi Limon rum. A stopper or just a finger in drinking sprees is then put on the mouth of the bottle and then shaken. The resulting mixture can then by enjoyed to your heart’s content. This drink contains about 2157 kilojoules of energy per bottle.

Ingredients of Recipe

  • 1 bottle Corona lager
  • 1/8 bottle Bacardi Limon rum

Instructions for Preparation

Drink the Corona lager down to the neck (where the bottle curves inwards). Fill up the neck with Bacardi Limon rum. Put your finger over the bottle and shake. Enjoy.